How To Encrypt Files Before Uploading To Cloud

Learn how to get your files encrypted before you upload them to cloud servers, with the simple and straight forward steps that will be provided here, you can easily get your files save, and also you can check some alternatives to encrypt files as well.

Nowadays people find more safety in using cloud back ups, its very common mostly to ios and android users, you can use more than 5 different devices a year span and won’t lose any valuable contacts or information’s.

Cloud back ups are also available mostly to those who possess large files and despite the fear of losing a file then uploading it for cloud safety, well i can tell you it’s not even safe there too cause nowadays hacker are quite busy hacking cloud accounts, so the best way is to make sure you get your files well encrypted before you upload them to your respective cloud servers. Here’s a guide on how to do so.

How To Encrypt Files Before Uploading To Cloud

Within few minutes, you will get your files encrypted and uploaded with ease, just follow the methods, its very simple and doesn’t give confusion.

Steps To Encrypt Files before Uploading To Cloud

Step 1. First of all you will need to install a particular software called cryptomator, its a software that is available on all platforms, you can download it for your pc or mobiles, the one that is being used as a tutorial here is for windows, so be sure of the one you want to download.

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Step 2. After you’ve downloaded and installed it, now launch the app, once you launch it, all you will see is an application panel with options shown in image, from the bottom side you will need to tap on Create New Vault.

Step 3. Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be shown another window which will request a new directory in your cloud account which you’ll be able to access upon login, create a list and name them, then create a password for the directory, you will need to password later on.

Step 4. You’ve now created a folder protected with password, now everything is safe in your cloud storage, anytime you now want to access your files, all you need to do is just type in your password, make sure you don’t lose it cause at times recovery might be hard.

That is done, but how about trying some similar softwares like cryptomator, these softwares do work efficiently so check them out.

Other Software’s Like CryptoMator

The softwares that will be listed below are much similar to cryptomator and they work very well, so check them out and you can still stick to using cryptomator if you don’t like the ones listed.

1. Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor is a great tool and its very recommended for keeping important files encrypted, you can be rest assured about your files safety, the 256-bit AES standard makes it one of the best tool to use, you can easily keep your locked files in cloud storages like dropbox, google drive and media fire.

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2. Encrypto

Encrypto is a good tool also and its one of the best tools which you can use to encrypt files on windows and mac osx, you can easily share the files you encrypt, get your files safe and secured with this software, and you can upload to any cloud servers you want.

3. nCrypted Cloud

nCrypted cloud is another tool you can use to encrypt files, the best thing is that, you can use this tool on windows, ios, mac and also on android. You can create and encrypt folders in different cloud servers, this tool is good and it can always be recommended as an alternative for cryptomator.

Final Words

That’s how you can get your files encrypted and also you can get other alternative tools to get your files safe and secured, don’t forget to share this article and if you have any questions, kindly use the comment box, you will be replied to in coupl of minutes.

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